Prepared Foods: Sometimes They’re Your Best Friend

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Everyone needs shortcuts in the kitchen: we seem to be trying to get more and more done in less and less time. But when you buy prepared foods, you’re paying a lot of money for the convenience: “Convenience ingredients typically cost 30% to 60% more," says consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch.

So is it worth it? The answer is, of course, yes—sometimes.

Let’s look at fancy-cut bagged vegetables. They’ll probably cost you between one and three dollars more than fresh produce—but they may come in just the size you need for tonight’s dinner, and they won’t fill up your worktops with stuff you don’t need.

Another appealing option is frozen shrimp: the time it takes to peel and devein shrimp may be time better spend with your family, working on a project, or cooking something else that is high-intensity.

Having prepared foods in the freezer is especially helpful. There are nights when you don’t want to cook. There are times when friends drop by unannounced. There are even foods that are new to you and you wouldn’t know how to cook. All of these make your life easier, challenge your ideas of what should go on a menu, and enlarge your culinary repertoire.

And you don’t have to stop in the frozen-food aisle! Bliss Shurfine Food Mart has prepared foods that we make fresh every day for you to pick up, heat, and serve. Stop by our deli and bakery for today’s specials that will save you time, effort, and stress. Convenience and freshness work together for the perfect meal option for busy days!