About Us

Bliss Shurfine Food Mart has been here since June 7,1957! The store was then an IGA Foodliner and comprised 6000 square feet on property purchased from Russell Adams. In 1960 a White-Westinghouse Laundromat was constructed adjacent to the grocery store. 1960 also brought the affiliation with Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op (which continues to this day). The store at this time changed from the Foodliner banner to the Shopwise banner, which was used until the mid 1980s when the name changed to Food Mart.

As you can imagine, the store has undergone several additions and changes during its 51-year history! A doctor’s office was added between the store and the laundromat in 1961 (the doctor’s office was later used as a barber shop/beauty saloon and then a Napa Auto Parts until the late eighties). The grocery store itself doubled in size in 1972, along with the construction of an ice cream store in the plaza (the ice-cream store became the Manchester post office in 1994). 1988 brought a large addition: a branch of Canandaigua National Bank and a much larger deli. In late 2000 another major remodel of the plaza and store with a new bottle-redemption center added in the lobby, a total remodel of the laundromat, new equipment added, and Red Jacket Pharmacy was welcomed to the plaza.

Harlan Bliss and Walter Barry operated the original IGA Foodliner. The partnership was short-lived and Bliss purchased Barry’s interest in 1960. From 1960 on, Harlan Bliss operated the grocery store with his wife Josie and family until his death in 1972. After Harlan’s passing, the business continued to be operated by Josie and her sons David and Gary. In the mid 1980s, David left the business to pursue other interests, but Josie continued to operate the business until her death in October of 2000. The torch was passed to Gary who became chairman of the corporation and president until he passed the title of president to his son Jeffrey in 2005. Jeffrey joined the business in 1987 after graduating from The Citadel that same year.

In our 51 years of operation, the changes to the business and the community have been staggering. The Bliss family is now into its third generation of operation and—amazingly—we have employees who are also third generation!

While the business and the community have changed over the years, there are still constants: home-town service, and the trusted Shurfine name that spans three generations in the twin cities of Shortsville and Manchester and the surrounding communities that we serve.

In a climate of bigger chains and supercenters, Bliss Shurfine Food Mart thrives on old-fashioned service and value. We still have butchers you can talk to and who will customize your meat selections. Our deli still makes salads and entrées from scratch. In short, we offer all the service you’d expect with over 50 years of experience.

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