The Best Foods For Your Kids’ Health

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Parents have a lot of choices these days when it comes to selecting which foods are right for their children… and if you’re a parent, you’ve probably seen your child’s behavior change for the worse after eating poor-quality foods.

What constitutes poor-quality food? Any food made from refined products, including refined sugar, salt, oils, and flour, as well as food that contains artificial preservatives and sweeteners can be considered low quality. Eating poor quality food leads to poor behavior and poor health. Eating nutritious food does the opposite.

Unfortunately, most of us continue with our non-nutritious eating habits; we may know it’s bad for us, but it’s a lot easier to purchase ready-made foods than to seek out alternatives.

To make things worse, conventional medicine doesn’t recognize these common-sense ideas. Kids are often medicated with stimulants to treat ADHD, when they simply need to eat a better diet. NAET, an acupressure treatment for food and environmental allergies, can help both diagnose and treat food allergies. However, NAET is no substitute for quality food.

At Bliss Shurfine Food Mart, we offer lots of healthy alternatives to processed foods so that your kids can start life healthy and potentially experience fewer problems as they grow.