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Like Sweets? Who Doesn't?

There’s cause for celebration if you do: Sunday is National Pecan Pie Day! Any day may be a great day to eat pie; but tomorrow’s celebration is special. If you like nuts, and you like pie, and you like sweets, then Sunday is most definitely your day. Sweet and crunchy, pecan pie is a regular on the menu of most restaurants, and for good reason!

Grocery Coupons & Specials

Grocery specials.

Everyone runs them. Every grocery store has specials, coupons, and sales—opportunities for you to save money at their store. You like them because they save you money. We like them because they reward our regular customers for their loyalty, and bring new customers into the store.

But we’re often surprised to hear people say that they don’t use coupons or specials. Why on earth not? These days, anything that people can save is well worth the effort, isn’t it?

Do You Have a Waffle Iron?

Once upon a time, nearly every household did. And, to a child, it was almost miraculous, the transformation that happened inside the waffle iron: glutinous batter went in, and hey, presto, beautiful golden-brown waffles emerged. It was breakfast magic!

The waffle dates back to the 1300s in Greece, where flat cakes were cooked between two metal pans. At the time, people topped the cakes with cheeses and herbs, rather than pancake syrup!

How To Pick The Best Produce

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us: low-calorie, high in vitamins and nutrients, and usually wonderfully tasty. And we all know, also, that buying fresh produce is the best way to make sure all those great nutrients make it into our bodies. But how do you choose?

Fresh is best. That should be your mantra when you come to Bliss Shurfine Food Mart. Always look for the freshest produce; and here’s how you can tell:


  • Asparagus will have straight stalks with closed tips.
  • Bell peppers should be thick, bright, and firm.

It's National Lobster Day!

Did you know that lobster was once considered peasant food? “Lobster shells about a house are looked upon as signs of poverty and degradation,” wrote John J. Rowan in 1876. Lobster was an unfamiliar, vaguely disgusting bottom-feeding ocean dweller that resembled an insect, its distant relative. The name itself comes from the Old English loppe, which means spider.

Today, lobster is considered a luxurious delicacy all over the world. But how did it go from something that only peasants would eat to the expensive delicacy it is today?

You Say Bangers, and I Say Sausage …

Winston Churchill called the United Kingdom and the United States “two countries separated by a common language.” And he wasn’t even talking about food! Since at Bliss Shurfine Food Mart we do stock some British imports, we thought it might be a good idea to de-mystify some of the items on our shelves that come from the British Isles. It’s great to try something new—as long as you know whether it’s part of your main course or a special dessert!

Grocery Trivia Game

So it’s Friday: time for a little fun to go with your grocery shopping! See if you can answer any of the questions below; answers are at the bottom… but don’t cheat!

  1. Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?
  2. What milk product did the U.S. Agriculture Department propose as a substitute for meat in school lunches, in 1996?
  3. What part of the banana is used to make banana oil?
  4. What is the most widely eaten fish in the world?
  5. What are the two top-selling spices in the world?